Monday, November 30, 2015

Social Worker Code of Ethics for Canadian Child Protection

Core Social Work Values and Principles

Values and Principals


  • Social workers have zero respect for families and have zero duty of care to them. Regard for dignity and human rights is a waste of their time.
  • Social workers think they are god’s gift to children, not parents, so they determine when parents can sneeze or shit regardless of theirs and the children’s “rights”.
  • Social workers have no respect for religion, diversity, or individuality in Canadian Society. If parents have a belief system, you bet your ass it will be ignored and replaced.
  • Social workers clients will be given the right to volunteer to receive any services deemed necessary without explanation, if they want their adoptable children back.
    Social workers will relieve their child client’s the burden of consent, and “explain” the error of their parent’s ways, and inform the child of their right to no longer have to listen to their parents. Said children will be informed of their right to tattle on their parents.
  • Social workers unilaterally decide what is best for society, and as such, will graciously impose limitations on families self-determination to prevent inevitable self harm and harm to their children that will result from straying from the instructions from their new gods.
  • Social workers will uphold the right of each person to choose to be free from the threat of violence by ensuring spouses are separated at the earliest opportunity, or lose their kids.


  • Social workers graciously offer to care for parents children and ensure child tax credits, special needs subsidies, housing allowances will continue for the children (not the parents).
  • Social workers will ensure parents do not drain the system of public services and benefits.
  • Social workers will gut your right to a fair trial, lie and fabricate evidence as necessary in order to  win at any cost. The more vulnerable and disadvantaged parents are, the better.
  • Social workers will benevolently socially develop parents during working hours and at distant locations, as these valuable hurdles will test parents committment to their children.


  • Social workers place the needs of their S.S. comrades first, their lawyers second, the foster parents third, expert evidence manufacturers fourth, and children and parents last.
  • Social workers strive to use their power and authority to ensure families confirm to their ideas of social and legal justice. As long as parents lose and they win, all is good.
  • Social workers will dictate what parental development will occur, and impose their goals and timelines that parents have the right to obey, or lose their kids. Such a just society rules.
  • Social workers use their god-like powers and confliction promotion skills as weapons of war to ensure parents accept their fair resolutions, and accept guilt, or lose their kids.


  • Social workers will subvert the qualities of honesty, reliability, impartiality and diligence in their professional practice. Really, what is the point of all that shit? Win at all costs Rules!
  • Social workers will demonstrate their true independance and autonomy by not allowing interference by ethics, principals, or memberships and registrations with associations and colleges which perport to hold them accountable or subject to lawsuits. Screw that shit.
  • Social workers recognize that restrictive boundaries with clients interferes with the master slave relationship, therefore those boundaries will be created for parents as needs dictate.
  • Social workers abhore openness and transparency and professionalism, so will strive to avoid that in order to best compromise integrity and impartiality, will promote and create conflict, and ensure maximum conflict of interest exists in order to crush parents in court.


  • Social workers will encourage parents to trusssst them, and will gain their confidence in order to tell every one of their sins and harvest dirt to use in court against their clients.
  • Social workers respect their right to confide their clients secrets to whomever they choose in order to sway professionals to villify the unsuspecting fools in court.
  • Social workers will disclose their clients sensitive information without permission of the client or their lawyer in order to poison the evidence pool so the leaks cannot be detected.
  • Social workers will post their clients confidential information on their Facebook pages in order to make cruel jokes. Social workers can’t be sued anyways, so what’s the big deal?
  • Social workers thrive on ambiguity and random sentence structure, for example to demonstrate transparency with respect to limits to confidentiality that apply to their professional practice by clearly communicating these limitations to clients.  Is this clear now?


  • Social workers will uphold the right of clients to be offered the highest quality of service. Refusing such generous offers will result in loss of their children to adoption by anyone else.
  • Social workers strive (yawn) to maintain and increase their “professional” “skills”. (LMFAO!)
  • Social workers being the multi-talented parents/lawyers/educators/doctors/counsellors/psychiatrists/plumbers they are, get to opin on whatever they want to advance their case.
  • Social workers being the embarrassment to their profession that they are, shall use their god-like powers to destroy humanity, by handing kids over to pedophiles and abusers, and sharing those secrets of destructions with co-workers while pretending to help children.
  • Social workers will “investigate” clients by using anonymous, but reliable community sources to best fabricate and inaccurately convey evidence for judges in order to win.


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