Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gervais death at Super 8 - MCFD needs to be purged and gutted, not "restructured"

I don't get why it is so hard for the MCFD Minister Stephanie Cadieux to answer who Gervais' social workers was, the legally designated parent who put the kid in the hotel?

Just let the press talk to that person on camera and ask why the boy was put in a hotel, and go from there. I don't really care about hearing of the high workloads of social workers are in general, and the budget woes of MCFD.

Hotels are certainly cheaper than what the contractor "Community Vision" was paid over the past 15 years. This payment average $117k per kid (33 kids in 23 location in 2014/15 ) vs. the cost a Super 8 hotel might be $20,000/yr. For that price, a luxury apartment that would fit several kids and a supervisor (or Skype cameras), an expenditure that would seem to make better sense.

Community Vision - Payments to made by MCFD
2015 - - $3,473,719, $220,421 $172,311  (3,866,451) (117,165/kid/yr)
2014 - - $2,922,826, $131,034, $283,428
2013 - - $2,446,014, $167,902, $699,234
2012 - - $2,185,422, $144,702
2011 - - $2,538,896, 154,860
2010 - - $3,540,922, $224,193
2009 - - $5,110,762, $340,227
2008 - - $5,129,215, $306,757
2007 - - $4,712,099, $383,686
2006 - - $3,122,884, $294,900
2005 - - $1,660,086, $188,843
2004 - - $1,475,696, $74,695
2003 - - $1,636,463, $71,834
2002 - - $1,725,305, $108,747
2001 - - $1,489,945

MCFD puts kids in single occupancy apartments with no supervision all the time. Kids get $1,000 spending money and a free room, and no social workers check in on them. (In fact, social workers say they cannot enter these rooms) It's the exact same thing as a hotel. It's the exact same thing as Paige experienced.

I'm curious as to how MCFD is able to hide the financing of kids in hotels or apartments, because it's not in the Ministry of Finance report of payments made, and the discretionary credit card spending list shows some cheap hotels, but not that much is paid to hotels to account for even a few kids.

Why doesn't Stephanie know who the social worker was who signed off on the hotel a week Gervais death? Is she lying about now knowing? How did the hotel bills get paid? If Gervais committed suicide, how come there is no suicide note to his girlfriend he was about to marry, or to his best friend who was in the hotel when he died? Why didn't he just slide the window open to jump out? Was he on drugs? Where is the corner report?

If the $182 million computer isn't working, why not get someone to maintain an Excel spreadsheet to list all the kids in care, and their locations, and list the social workers who are the designated parents, and list the real parents.

MCFD has 10-14,000 kids in kin/foster care (50% native), 2,300 social workers, 3,200 foster homes, x group homes...a $1.4 billion dollar budget, and the kids in care count is at the lowest level in years, so I don't really buy the limited resources argument.

I am concerned RCY's Lafond is using this case and the death of Paige death to say MCFD needs more welfare funding (who at age 19, they are no longer a child in need of protection given that they are adults) to keep unsupervised citizens funded another 5 years.

MCFD's idea of accountability is to give a promotion and raise to the ONLY social worker (Mr. William Strickland, who given a raise from team leader in Vancouver to Community Service Manager in Victoria) who was publicly named and convicted by a Supreme Court Justice Walker for misfeasance - a first in Canada, in the J.P. vs MCFD lawsuit - so scratch any thoughts of accountability.

It seems the press is the only group that is able to hold MCFD's feet to the fire.