Friday, September 25, 2015

MCFD payments to Foster homes recorded on Yearly B.C. Finance report.

Find your OWN BC Foster parasite, nasty law firm, psychologist, or other MCFD "service" provider, from the Ministry of Finance Schedule of Payments chart 300-400-page acrobat files posted yearly. The last 15 years of links are listed from 2000-2015.

How much are taxpayers shelling out to watch YOUR kids?

This is the foster home of Martha and Romeo Castro, they had the 4 kids of J.P. for 2 of the  2-1/2 years in 2010 to 2012. You can see 2011/12 jumped to $60,568, then dropped to $29,949 after the kids were returned home, and has stayed at that level.

Note that these payments are TAX FREE, so a normal working stiff would have a higher gross salary and then taxes and such would be deducted. As a sole source of income, these fund intended for the children pays the house mortgage and feeds the adults. The real, custodial biological parents cannot even dream of funds like these to raise their kids. Also, the laws that state kids who are exposed to a higher standard of living beyond a year, those temporary replacement parents are obligated to "top up" the real parents household income. Of course, the government is more than happy to dump kids back to a home of poverty compared to well paid foster homes. The undocumented benefits such as respite care and free babysitters or nanny state for the larger homes are NOT added into the financial equation.

Capacity: 3-4 kids
2000/01 $ Not listed for this year
2001/02 $ 43,103
2002/03 $ 56,628
2003/04 $ 49,434
2004/05 $ 44,987
2005/06 $ 51,535
2006/07 $ 40,454
2007/08 $ 46,023
2008/09 Not listed for this year
2009/10 $ 51,093
2010/11 $ 51,630
2011/12 $ 60,568
2012/13 $ 29,949
2013/14 $ 28,273
2014/15 $ 30,284

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