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J.P. vs.MCFD Trial Watch - Day 15 October 21, 2013 - Bruce Blandford

MCFD Lawsuit by Jack Hittrich, day 15

Last week was a short week, 4-days to deal with the examination in chief of by Crown lawyer Mr. Winthrop of Vancouver Police Detective Rowley, a senior "sex crime" investigator.

The VPD investigation, or lack thereof, is covered adequately by Judge Walker's decision page 74-82 in the PDF formated version .

This is a lady cop that had just 4 months experience in the "sex crime" investigation field, and according to Judge Walker, she failed at her job miserably and was thoroughly criticized by another, properly trained investigator. At this point, why VPD and Vancouver City are not also being sued is a mystery to me. Presumably some worry of that exists, because a very expensively dressed lawyer for VPD briefly appeared on day 1 to see how Rowely was handling herself on the stand.

Suffice it to say, that the Direct testimony of Det. Rowley did not help the crown's case at all, and the cross examination of her will not begin until next week. A separate write-up on the four days will come later.

Today is day 15, and social worker number 5 took the stand. Mr. Blenford or Blanford, is a Team Leader in the Vancouver office. He is the head of a separate team of social workers takes over after a child removal exercise, carrying the baton to deal with the family visits, and day to day interactions for the 2-1/2 years the children were in care. The "removal" team focuses on deciding what parents to frame so MCFD can remove their kids.

This fellow Blanford didn't help the crown's case at ALL in my estimation. It did not appear any witness preparation was done, so he was allowed to ramble on, and he unintentionally revealed all sorts of extra interesting bits of information that the crown lawyer did not ask for.
He is probably approaching retirement age. Gaffs included apologizing profusely for the inaccuracies in his sworn affidavits for "errors" he "didn't catch" earlier, due to the fact the lawyer Corrine Feenie for MCFD who wrote up the affidavits just sent it to him to sign, and presumably he didn't read them thoroughly at the time. At least that's what he said.

Other surprises: admitting that MCFD "advised" dad to apply for custody so the kids could be placed with him. That he was given unsupervised access in contravention to a Supreme Court order. (MCFD knows best, so bugger off you people from the peanut gallery, Supreme Court judges included.)

After hearing five social workers testify, it is abundantly clear that all these social workers "all drink the Koo-laid" (I love that phrase, Mr. Hittrich's assistant came up with that one).
They all honestly believe that they did the right thing, the judge is wrong, they are right, no one can touch them, life goes on. So what if they lose this case, there are hundreds of other kids to be removed, and THOSE parents won't have lawyers or know how to fight back.

Notes taken by workers during the trial have now been requested of MCFD, because these were not provided when requested months earlier during earlier disclosure requests. This witness confirmed they existed and this was how he was informed of the day to day happenings in trial.

I came in when he was talking about the "crisis" at the MCFD office where the mom and her boyfriend attempted to serve him personally of some documents. The boyfriend touched this social worker's arm, and by god, did that unleash a shitstorm.

MCFD quickly got a restraining order preventing mom from approaching that office again. The guy tried to make hay of the fact the missing guns of pedo-dad "might" have been a potential threat, so thank got they "locked down" the office and police arrived in four minutes. You would think the way he carried on, mom had held the entire office hostage for a few days. Talk about trying to blow things out of proportion to strengthen their case mom was a mental case and a danger to everyone.

Then, another incident around about the same time, mid 2010 where mom visited her brother's home. Something to do with the fact pedo-dad was getting unsupervised access to the kids he molested, and a can of pepper spray went off in her purse during a scuffle with her brother who was caring for the kids and was instructed not to allow her access without MCFD approval. How this was portrayed was another by this social worker was another sideshow, he made it seem like world war three had occurred. This is covered by the judge on page 21 of the PDF version of the ruling. (It is very convenient, you just search "pepper" and you see the text surrounding that word.)

After the pepper spray incident, the poor kids were shipped off to a notorious foster home in Maple Ridge (Papa knows of this place when the surname of the foster parent was mentioned, other parents report their kids had stayed there and did not like it. These people "obey" MCFD instructions, so they are a popular choice for placing kids of high-resistance parents that take up a lot of resources.)

Now, keep in mind this is social worker 5. This guy proceeds to rattle off the names of another dozen people that also worked on this case. One, who was practically doing her job full time with the family, arranging visits and whatever else these busybodies can come up with.
Imagine, one single family and no less than ten social workers touch the case. Resource workers deal with foster homes to communicate visits and such. So, if you imagine one cop that deals with a family on a call, the equivalent exercise in responding to an incident involves 10 social workers and other people. MCFD is a make-work project bar none.
I should mention a new lawyer questioned Mr. Blanford, is a young East Indian girl. This would be the third lawyer the Crown has used. I guess they take turns. Clearly, this one is the least effective, and was not able to restrain Blanford from running off at the mouth, inadvertently helping Mr. Hittrich with his case against MCFD.

Blanford talked about the bombshell of the discovery of the pre-teen (his words) porn on dad's hard drive, which had the effect of destroying the Ministry's evil plan to place the kids with the dad. You could see his disappointment, aw shucks. NOW what was the Ministry going to do. Yes, he said that the Ministry really did not know what to do after that discover. All this hard work dressing up pedo-dad as a find upstanding guy is dashed because of a (probably doctored by mom) hard drive.

I boggled my mind to hear they actually ADVISED dad to hurry up and apply for custody, so they could place the kids with him. I have heard of several cases where MCFD does this. However, because of the hard drive forensic examination NOT done by the police, that discovery saved the children from a truly horrible fate.

Keep in mind the hard drive was given to Detective Rowley MONTHS earlier on December 23rd, 2009, and this so-called "investigator" did bother to look at it. In fact, in her Direct testimony, I do not believe the hard drive was mentioned except to acknowledge it was received.

Mr. Hittrich is going to have a field day cross examining Ms. Rowley next week.
Crown finished their direct examination of Mr. Blanford at 3:55. Mr. Hittrich began his cross for five minutes. The day finished off at about 4:05, and this included a verbal request on the record that the crown provide the notes by social workers take during the trial. I was not even aware that courtroom notes taken by social workers could even be subpeona'd. I saw a social worker dude on the Crown side of the public gallery seats taking notes. He is there every day.

This was a long day, the point of the line of questioning was barely discernible. Presumably it was to paint mom as violent, given the dramatic presentation of the two incidents cited earlier. This supposedly would fit well with the portray of mom is a mental case and a liar. Good luck on that one, because it is clear these people didn't bother to read the judge's ruling before testifying.

Crown introduced another 800-page exhibit, essentially a "reorganization" of already-entered exhibits, and was entered as an exhibit for identification "L" I think (formally accepted exhibits are numbered, so the letter identification changes to a number). This move was pretty stupid in my mind, because then a back and forth of giant evidence binders with identical information occurred, and the lawyer only referred to a few pages out of the newly introduced tome. Why didn't she just hand up the few pages instead? It seemed to me the purpose was to make it more difficult to find stuff -- no tabs, just page numbers.
At the end of the day, I can't see how this witness helped the Crown's case. However I did find it interesting the day-to-day operations cited and the perpetual self-induced "crisis" mode MCFD operates on.

A new acronym I learned: an RRSP means "Risk Reduction Service Plan".
Blanford criticized the "war of experts" where an expert Mr. Colby commented on the MCFD expert Mr. Eirikson, then there is Dr. Elterman, Dr. Kot. Imagine the cash to keep these people employed.

Cross examination of Mr. Blandford resumes earlier tomorrow, 9:30 AM instead of the usual 10:00 AM. (Gotta love those 4-hour workdays and 2 hours of breaks in the court system.)

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