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J.P. vs. MCFD Trial Watch September30, 2013

Lawyer Jack Hittrich dissects slimy social worker today at Vancouver BC Supreme Court, high-security courtroom 75, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

This is the continuance of the lawsuit against MCFD, slated for a 5-6 week grilling of evil child-removing social workers. The lawsuit award should be in the millions.

I went in this morning and watched for a couple of hours and met briefly with Mr. Hittrich and his clients. I was impressed.

The security was very high (Vancouver BC Supreme Courtroom 75), metal detector and two wand-wielding sheriffs who did a thorough pat-down. I was admonished for having a camera, then I pointed out the cameras in my ipad, iphone, Android and ipod (they got a kick out of my battery-operated shaver). I was allowed to take all my devices in. I guess a suit and tie must help.

Anyways, the reason for the security is the pedophile dad at the center of the firestorm, he was in attendance, so I guess they are considering his safety, lest passers-by take pot shots at his pervert ass.

The usual gaggle of social workers did not attend as was the case in the Bayne's trial, because they have not yet testified. (Which is good, they would simply violate the judge's orders not to communicate with witnesses.)

The social worker on the stand was a smooth S.O.B., but question by question, Jack pulled his testimony apart. Mr. Hittrich is very good at what he does, calm, methodical. The judge is VERY clearly on their side. The MCFD lawyer's objections on occasion were each questioned by the judge and none were accepted.

The litigants say they will not settle under any circumstances. They say this is about holding MCFD accountable, say any of us who frequent these anti-MCFD boards would take an instant liking to all four of them. The few bits of information they did tell me suggests a large series of very fortunate string of events has served to give them a huge advantage, and they know it.

Paperwork was plentiful, there were three feet of binders on each bench, including the judge. No one had computers.

The two sheriffs looked pretty bored and twisting in their chairs.
There was only a few people watching, perhaps a half dozen including myself. I met with two, and they told me who the other two were. One might have been a reporter, I'm not sure.

The social worker questioned today was a clean-cut guy, in his mid 30's, he "looked" like your typical (slimy) social worker in the way he responded. I could tell the way he was ad hocking the answers, he was a practiced liar that used all the "social worker" lingo.

When questioned about s.13 concerns when kids were relaying extensive and detailed sexual abuse details, he said this was not a Ministry concern if the one parent was doing their job "protecting" the kids from the other bad one. What a complete moron. Meanwhile, in his earlier answers, he said the mom had mental health issues, and the case should be ignored because it was a custody issue, and complicated and potentially long and drawn out (I guess so, 64 days into the trial MCFD drops out). Anyways, a total weasel.

Jack said this guy was really squirming at the last appearance on August 29th, today was pretty tame by comparison. Clearly, this lawyer likes his job, and he is thorough and very competent.

There is a media black out, so particulars obviously cannot be reported. That said, if parents involved with MCFD want to know how to question social workers, this is the place to watch and learn.

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