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J.P. vs. MCFD Lawsuit - October 14, 2013 Trial Watch

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In the last 10-days of trial, four social workers have been on the stand. These people are sweating nuggets, and they are getting roasted quite nicely by Mr. Hittrich.
It is a given that the Province will file an appeal when the award of damages is finally ruled, so I gather the exercise here is to be as thorough as possible to close off any possible "errors of law" on which to base an appeal, hence the reason for keeping people on the stand for as long as four days at a time.

For anyone who has seen up front and personal how social workers treat parents, and the impunity with which they are able drag on matters, this trial is really a welcome sight to behold. Obviously, the average parent cannot afford such a lawsuit, so kudos to Mr. Hittrich and his team for supporting this mom WAY beyond the call of duty.

The shear volume of paper (three feet of binders on each desk; just ONE exhibit of the 132 total so far is a 4" thick binder with hundreds of pages) gives one an idea of the legal cost just to read through the material, let alone argue on it.

Fortunately, Mom had the foresight to hidden-record her first meeting the day after the removal with the team leader / acting Community Service Manager dude responsible. They played the hour+ long audio uninterrupted Wednesday morning October 9th. Mr. Social worker dude was having a tough time keeping his composure because most of the audio conflicted with his portrayal.

What he said after the tape finished playing, sent mom crying in tears out of the courtroom, as it was his opinion was with all the "stress" mom was undergoing, he noted the "relief" must must have felt after having the Ministry reliving her of that burden. What I noticed generally, listening to each of these four social workers testify, is that they are the masters of spin. They really do think they are gods gift to children, "saving" them from their parents. Willful blindness, or "Ex turpi causa non oritur actio" I think is the appropriate legal term to describe their general defensive approach.

This coming Tuesday October 15th they are putting the lady cop on the stand that worked with this social worker who removed the 4 kids. This is the lady that headed the "investigation" that treated mom as a liar and cleared pedo-dad of all suspicion (recall Judge Walker definitively found that dad DID molest his kids).

This case is mind-blowing, but it is FAR from being unusual in how MCFD social workers (2,611 of them in BC) ruthlessly go after parents psychologically and legally when they take their kids. The 2-1/2 years separation is half of what Paul and Zabeth Bayne went through, when Chief Justice Crabtree decided on a 3-month supervision agreement and returning the kids home.

Arguments are anticipated to be completed by November 8th, followed by 10-days of oral or written closing arguments. The judge strongly suggested the case NOT carry over into the new year. Even so, I imagine the total days in court would not go well over the 140 day range?

That is probably longer than the combined trial times of Willie Picton, Air India and the Surrey 6 combined! All because ONE social worker, Mr. William Strickland, got his nose in a snit about a concerned mom.

I hope there will be a major public inquiry and the firing of all these people in MCFD and RCMP who colluded to victimize this single mom.

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