Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dead Super 8 Gervais teen should have been left at home. He would still be alive.

Turpel-Lafonde lays the blame squarely on the Ministry, saying it’s allowed this to happen.

“The Minister needs to get to her cabinet colleagues, and the government needs to put enough money, and enough structure, into that ministry so that they can actually do their jobs, because kid’s safety is at issue.”

Yep, let's put more money into the "problem", because surely, how can a measly $100,000 taxpayer per child per year address the poor child's needs?

The minions have run amok. Of COURSE the heads of the organization are kept in the dark. How else can they claim deniability and pretend to be shocked when the news is made public? This is how the Ministry is DESIGNED to operate!

Lafond criticizes MCFD, and says, oh, by the way, these poor kids, we need to fund them for an ADDITIONAL five years. For every $100 to keep the kid in a hotel or foster home paid with tax-free dollars, while the "system" gets to keep $1,000. Oh, and the Federal government subsidizes this, more so for First Nations kids. It's a scam, folks. It's a magical money laundering operation.

MCFD is a $1.4 billion dollar Ministry.

Community Vision - Payments to made by MCFD
2015 - - $3,473,719, $220,421 $172,311
2014 - - $2,922,826, $131,034, $283,428
2013 - - $2,446,014, $167,902, $699,234
2012 - - $2,185,422, $144,702
2011 - - $2,538,896, 154,860
2010 - - $3,540,922, $224,193
2009 - - $5,110,762, $340,227
2008 - - $5,129,215, $306,757
2007 - - $4,712,099, $383,686
2006 - - $3,122,884, $294,900
2005 - - $1,660,086, $188,843
2004 - - $1,475,696, $74,695
2003 - - $1,636,463, $71,834
2002 - - $1,725,305, $108,747
2001 - - $1,489,945

Search through any f these PDFs and you won't find any payments to Super 8 hotels. Instead, you will find these expenses hidden away in MCFD's discretionary credit card spending. That is a separate database

You can rest assured that the bean counters and front line social workers charged with keeping tabs on things are doing EXACTLY that, but the trick here, is how to whitewash the public and sow seeds of confusion in order to hide the fact this easy to obtain information is "really hard" to get.

You don't fire these people, you need them to remain employed in order to answer questions. The people who really run the show are behind the scenes, the "lifers" who survive any leadership transitions.

Just read the judgment of Mr.  Justice Walker July 14, 2015 J.P. v. MCFD, in order to see precisely how MCFD operates on a day to day basis.

Why not ask if the Super 8 kid's parents were criminally charged with abuse or neglect. No? Send the kid back home and stop forcing taxpayers to foot the bill. He he would still be alive.

The "problem" really is that simple to fix. Stop feeding MCFD just do they can invest imaginary protection concerns to to get a kid in the clutches and the funding that goes along with it. They don't care for kids, they get pad NOT to care.

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