Friday, August 7, 2015

MCFD appealing their lawsuit loss to mom J.P.

VANCOUVER - MCFD is appealing the J.P. lawsuit against them. The main concern is the precedent-setting nature of the case. Because, this finding of misfeasance, the first ever in Canada, means that other workers may similarly find themselves in hot water.

Consider if you will, the relatively brief involvement of the primary instigator of this case, social worker William Strickland (who has since been promoted and given a huge raise as a CSM - Community Service Manager).

The way this jerk worked is absolutely not any different than the vast majority of cases where parents have been victimized by social workers with fraudulent reasons for removal.

On one side, you have the BC Government directly challenging the judicial authority of the B.C. Supreme Court. MCFD social workers currently use the CFCSA and the Provincial Court jurisdiction to SUSPEND any existing BC Supreme Court Orders while they play around in there little sandbox and stretch out proceedings for as long as they can.

There should be no doubt the stakes will be very high here. The BC Supreme Court, and this includes the Court of Appeal, needs to teach the Province a lesson. I'm sure they will.

But, consider that child protection is a behemoth that is Federally subsidized, you can bet if the BC Court of Appeal spanks MCFD, they will simply appeal to the federal court and plea that the "chilling" effect of making social workers accountable for their acts will cause them to remove fewer children, when, even as a precaution, they should be removed regardless of error.

This concept is the underlying tenant of child protection. Removal of children even by error, has continually been deemed an acceptable cost, in order to ensure that "fewer" children fall through the cracks.

However, financial motive is never discussed. Who, in their right minds spends 10 times what it should really cost taxpayers, if the investigation was done properly in the first place, families were helped BEFORE removing children, and so on?

We have said this for years, the ENTIRE POINT is to consume as much taxpayer dollars as possible in the BUSINESS of child protection. This wanton violation of civil, human and charter rights, child protection, is the gateway to a full on assault of such freedoms by government on citizens.

Citizens can't be allowed to win.

Prove me wrong. Lets see if BC doesn't take this to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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