Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Alberta Freedom of Informarion Commissioner Appeals to Federal Court

ALBERTA - a federal legal challenge has been launched by the Freedom of Information commissioner to prevent government ministries from hiding documentation under a client-solicitor claim of privilege. The Alberta government challenged and overturned a Court of Queens Bench ruling that said the government can't hide publicly-paid-for documents. So now, that potentially devastating precedent-setting ruling must be corrected, or government will continue running amok.


It is interesting that in the recent lawsuit against the BC child protection business, J.P. vs. MCFD, a LOT of court time was devoted to several issues of claim of privilege.

The Province completely waived claim of privilege and threw the MCFD contract lawyer Corrine Feenie under the bus in hopes the judge would blame her for the faulty advice she gave MCFD relating to allowing a pedophile dad to have unsupervised access to his four kids he molested, against the explicit Order of Mr. Justice Walker, instead of finding the social workers guilty of misfeasance. That didn't work.

Then there was the issue of mom's former lawyer who was upset she fired his useless ass, and he responded by walking over to the Vancouver Police Department Ms. Crappy Investigator Gwen Rowley to violate his client-solicitor privilege to allude mom was nuts. The Province wanted THAT claim of privilege lifted to bolster their garbage case that rested entirely on mom suffering from a mental illness, and therefore posing a life and death danger to her four children. MCFD jerks.

With the lifting of the otherwise hidden government documents,  there were several extremely incriminating documents in the hands of  MCFD lawyers that were instrumental in helping Justice Walker create the extensive reasons for judgment that he did. 341 pages long of reasons.

It is absolutely vital that government entities, servants of taxpayers, NOT be allowed to hide and destroy incriminating documents that reveal their wrongdoing.

Newly minted NDP Alberta Premiere Notely likely has a vested interest in this appeal, as there is suspicion the outgoing PC public servants were busy destroying incriminating files that would indict several individuals if they were to be made public.

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