Friday, July 17, 2015

BC MCFD Child Protection Agency Successfully Sued for misfeasance - A Canadian First!

VANCOUVER - July 14, 2015. Several news agencies weigh in on the 341-page judgment Paul Walker released, regarding the lawsuit by a mom (J.P.) of 4 kids, filed in conjunction with a protection hearing with MCFD and custody battle with her pedophiles ex husband (B.G.)

Lawyer Jack Hittrich:
"This is the very first case in Canadian history where a mother has succeeded in holding a child protection agency liable for misfeasance in public office," Jack Hittrich said.

Congratulations to the legal team at the Hittrich law firm that battled for this mom against MCFD for the past 4 years.

There are many, many points that other parents can use in their cases when defending themselves from child protection social workers. - Petition to put an end to litigation by MCFD.

J.P. vs. MCFD child protection wrongful removal lawsuit

  • The ONLY successful Canadian misfeasance case against a child protection agency.
  • 154 day trial, plus a separate 92 day protection trial
  • Dec30/09 to July14/15
  • A slam-dunk multi-million dollar win for mom of 4 kids against child protection agency.

The court ruling, by BC Supreme Court Judge Paul Walker
Lawyer for mom J.P., Mr. Jack Hittrich

News agency reports:


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    1. MCFD couldn't care for a housefly; they did the same thing to my 14 year old. As his guardian, if you haven't already, on your son's behalf,

      Report your son as a missing person to RCMP, file a report, get the file #
      Email the Child and Youth Rep and explain your sons' situation.
      Get your lawyer (if your lucky to have a good one) to shake the tree.

      I think a good protest is a way to address the oppression and destructive policies / practices of this ministry.

      If you want to do something, contact me at

    2. Yes i will contact you because the im dealing with them for last 10 years my daughters whole life .they are sick i cant call them humans they are destroying my daughters life .she is ten and all she wants is to be with us .we have jumped threw so many barrells they say we have done a great job with her yet if you dont go to your knees when allmighty walks in and pray to them it never ends.its the big wheel turning keeping them employed .thehead lady cheryl in north van and ingred my worker both told me there upbringing nothing like mine so now they no nothing about me because weve had 15 dif workers changing all the time playing god .at a mediation cheryl the boss the whole meeting lounging in her chair like kts a holiday she said one point that i cant speak loud at her worker ingred grimm after she forgot to pick up my child at school for the second time then the leader gotta be pushn 60 has a staring match with me i take the high road because im not two please help the min in north van has to be stopped but even more held accountable for ruining my daughters life i work two jobs have done what they asked justice against them i get there are stuations need them they need to be sued i am going too need help


  2. My name is Nicole, I am writing this to get the story out there and I am hoping this helps hundreds of other families who are involved with The Ministry of Children & Family Development or the Aboriginal Child & Family Development. After the recent sad news regarding Alex Gervais passing I'm appalled and disgusted at how this government treats our kids in care, and I can't stay quiet anymore. Not sure where to start because it's been so many years of bureaucracy, with no one listening and I'm hoping that getting this out there makes changes. My son lives in a group home, and he has been missing since since Sept. 11, 2015. No one would know this because the Ministry doesn't seem to take an interest. I asked why he has not been put on the news and I was told because it's up to the police, as he does have a history of disappearing for a few days; this is a 16 year old boy who has disabilities and is easily lured into crime and drug abuse. The last time I saw my son was Thursday, Sept. 10th when I took him to his social worker’s office with some questions he had. After spending a great day with him, I took him back to his group home and went upstairs to his room. When I entered, I was appalled at what i saw; there was marijuana everywhere! His carpet was covered with it, he had a drawer full of pot and bongs laying about. He also had different kinds of pills, among other things. I brought this up with his worker and staff members, and their response to me was they can't do anything about it, as they are not allowed to go in his room or take anything out. I find this hard to believe that they can do nothing! My son for years was placed on medication for his anxiety ticks, violent outbursts and the voices in his head at the age of 9 and at 15 he refused to take them and started self medicating with drugs such as meth. This was after they took my parental rights away. I would like to know why it's ok for the Ministry to allow drugs and weapons in a foster homes or group homes. This needs to get out there and I hope more families come forward.
    I am sorry, my story is all over the place I have so much to say, this has been a problem my family has been dealing with for 16 years. All we did was ask for help for our son, and they turned around and said I was a bad mother and took him. I truly believe if they had left him in our home and gave us the support we asked for, my son would be in a better place. Over the last 3 years he has not attended school, because the Ministry doesn't make him. I have so much paper work from all these years as well as text messages that were conveniently deleted off two different cell phones with two different carriers, can that be explained? My son showed up at the group home the morning of Sept 23 where he changed his clothes, had something to eat then left again and no one thought it was important enough to remember or even write down what he was wearing. We need to start standing up for our children in care. One person can't beat the Ministry on their own but if we band together we can change it. Help me help my son, as well as the all the other kids. I don't want to hear of any more kids dying under the hands of the Ministry. The group home has has now told me they have been instructed not to give me any information on my son, why cause I question them? the worker is conveniently now on holidays for two weeks and there is no one taking over. My son is still missing. I would love to go to court and sue the mcfd.

    1. Where in BC is this group home, and what agency runs it?
      This sounds exactly like the reason the group home operator that Gervais used to live in was closed.

    2. these state offices are under contract with the citizens to provide services for families and the action of termination of parents right s is a clear example and violation of said contract , thus making every case where a termination of parental rights where the parents are not criminally charged for abuse , neglect or endangerment the state has Wrongful Interference with Contract is when parties are involved with deceptive practice to interfere with services that are under contract and avoiding to provide said services, so far every I do mean every CPS case is participant in Wrongful Interference with Contract, after all Department of human services children service is a State agency is meant to provide services to families instead this Federally subsidized agency takes children to avoid providing services so cps cases are breach of contract and wrongful interfere with contract

  3. I am the grandmother to two babies 1 yr old boy and 2 month old girl I was a out of care with mcfd provider with Surrey B C and when I mpoved to the island the mcfd apprehended them I am unfit to be their caregiver even with documentation from the Mental health team and my Dr. With 4 sworkeres in Surrey giving me rave reviews...can anyone out there help me PLEASE 250 618 7304


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