Thursday, July 23, 2015

FIRE social worker William Strickland!

VANCOUVER BC - petition to fire social worker William Strickland!
2015 BCSC 1216 Mr. Justice Walker finds MCFD guilty of misfeasance, mom wins lawsuit

We need a current picture of this guy, so could everyone search please. He has been a social worker for about 20 years, so this should not be too difficult. Failing that, sit outside his Vancouver office with a long range lens!

The social worker has been found GUILTY of misfeasance and massively lying his face off in court by Mr. Justice Paul Walker on July 14, 2015. This is the very first case ever in Canada where a social worker has been found guilty of misfeasance. His actions are directly to blame for abuse of the youngest child under the ministry care for 2-1/2 years, due to disregarding BC Supreme Court orders allowing a pedophile father unsupervised access to his four kids.

Mr. Strickland is pure poison, as Justice Walker made clear in his 341-page ruling.

Strickland MUST be fired.

He cannot be allowed to victimize anyone else.

The J.P. case is the only one that he got caught in his 20-year career. Strickland was found guilty of the following:
  • fabricated a view that mom J.P was mentally ill
  • fabricated a view that mom coached her kids to say they were sexually abused by their father
  • lied to VPD sex crime investigator Gwen Rowley that mom had a mental illness and coached her kids
  • lied under oath several times on the witness stand
  • lied to the acting Community Service a manager Sheila Robinson to say mom was going to kill her kids in order to get approval to remove.
  • interfered with the Vancouver a police department sexual abuse investigation
  • ignored the kids video disclosures
  • ignored Mothers call saying children disclosing sexual abuse, not calling professionals the children had disclosed to.
  • fabricated stories to mom that other reliable community sources and professionals echoed his view, when there were no such views -- he was the single source of all lies
  • the four kids were kept in care for 2-1/2 years, and the youngest 1-year old was abused while in foster care by the father B.G.
  • he failed to investigate ANY of moms allegations and information from the kids of abuse, which were proven true
  • he convinced everyone around him in his office that mom was crazy, the MCFD lawyers, and even the NC Province lawyers held this same view throughout the entire 250+ days of trial
  • he wrote a letter to help pedo dad in court to say MCFD had no concerns, but did no investigation, and did not give mom a copy

Read the 341 page ruling (link attached to the petition)

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