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Fire MCFD Social Worker Team Leader William Strickland - Who is he?

Who is MCFD Social Worker William Strickland, and why should he be fired?

William Strickland MSW, MCFD Team Leader- 10th Floor, 1177 W. Broadway Vancouver BC

Strickland promoted, while J.P. and family resorts to the food bank

I couldn't believe this when I heard it, but in the wake of Mr. Justice Walker's scathing indictment of this individual, William Strickland PROMOTED to a Community Service Manager (CSM) in Victoria!! WHY!

Meanwhile, MCFD refuses to provide ANY remedial services to the J.P. family, as noted by this Vancouver Sun article by Ian Mulgrew were mom has to feed her kids from the food bank, and MCFD is sniffing around to see if they can remove her kids again. MCFD WANTS her to break.

I that besides having to feed her family from the foodbank, I see that someone on behalf of the family has started a GoFundMe page! At least someone cares, but it sure isn't ANYONE at the Ministry of Children and Family Development! Apparently they have millions more dollars to appeal, but nothing for a family that B.C. Supreme Court Justice Paul Walker determined they maliciously hounded since late 2009.

The GoFundMe page for J.P. and her family

Social worker Mr. William Strickland

Mr. William Strickland is the guy who set into motion, the costly exercise of wrongly removing of four children ages 1, 3, 5 and 7 December 30th, 2009. Mom J.P. isn't just one of tens of thousands of irate parents screaming on the internet that mean social workers took their children without any good reason. J.P. has no internet presence whatsoever, which is in stark contrast to most parents who resort to the online medium to talk about their case.

J.P went the legal route. All the way. First, she won her CFCSA protection hearing (well, actually, MCFD quit after day 64 of 92 days or trial), won full custody of her four kids. NONE of the social workers testified at this first trial. (Later, in the lawsuit phase of the litigation, they complained on the stand that they didn't get to say their piece. Morons.)

In Mr. Strickland's case, on July 14, 2015,BC Supreme Court Justice Paul Walker outlined in 341 pages of extraordinary level of detail, including references to 138 legal citations, 366 mentions of Strickland's name, outlining the mind boggling levels of lying and subterfuge that this individual undertook in order to cause the wrongful removal of four children from a Mom who was practically screaming to him, they needed protection from their pedophile father.

If the dude simply left them alone, the kids would be safe, dad would NEVER have had a chance to continue to sexually abuse three of the four kids, and NEVER have been allowed unsupervised access that MCFD GAVE to pedodad B.G. that allowed him to sexually molest his fourth one-year old child.

Perhaps Mr. Strickland would allow B.G. unsupervised access to his own two children if he is so sure of his innocence.

Strickland's family

Well, the "rare" rogue social worker like Strickland are probably just childless monsters who could never get a date who were bullied in school right? Perhaps they turned to the field of social worker to exact revenge on families to address their internal rage. Surely, there must be SOME underlying motive for these power tripping social workers to abuse families.

Well, as it turns out, this guy has a nice house, two adorable kids in the range of 8 and 2 years old, and a nice looking wife. So much for the stereotype. Strickland has no visibility on the internet, you enter his name and nothing will come up. A Linked-In profile that lists him as a social worker with a UBC 2003 attendance, that is pretty much it.

The faces and identity of his wife and child are obscured to allow them to retain their anonymity.

Child, Wife and William Strickland. Jan12/2013

Strickland's wife has a hyphenated surname that does not include "Strickland", so whatever fate befalls Strickland (or the fate we believe he deserves, that of being fired, and being subjected to a more complete investigation), his better half should be minimally affected.

He does not appear to have a Facebook profile. The photos have no "likes" by him. Other than these 3 images his wife included on her page, this guy might as well be invisible. Willy commutes every day to his 10th floor 1177 W. Broadway MCFD office (phone 604-660-5437 if you want to chat.)

His wife is a stay at home mom, from the U.K. She has sleeve tattoos. She would might very well be classed as a "cool" mom. Perhaps slightly paranoid of being attacked in the night. She's got this special stick to beat off any home invaders.

The text reads:

"Okay, I am ready for bed. Baton and large canister of pepper spray on hand in case I have to defend myself and my children. Sleeping alone in my new house for the first time means I need to be prepared for battle (I used to sleep with 2 bamboo arnis sticks in my bed frame in my old place). And now to read more of my Eckhart tolle book " a new earth:awakening your life's purpose" -- which in my worst case scenario would be awakening my primal mama bear, and busting a p. spray can in a mo fo's face so I could break some knees, ankles, elbows, etc... whatever it takes really. What an unpleasant thought... but better to be prepared I supposed."
April 8, 2014

I am sure mama bear J.P. can relate. She did what was necessary to protect her children from their pedophile father, and Mr. William Strickland, and she won. She did not have the benefit of a whack-em stick though. It did, however, take J.P. 5 years, and the litigation is STILL ongoing. I'm sure J.P. could figure out who to use that baton on.

So, Mr. Strickland is a traditional family man. In theory, he should fully empathize with a parent's drive to protect their children. Right? If he is not a psychopath, that is.
William Strickland painting with his oldest child (naked, blurred out). Sep13/2012

Strickland, wife and two kids. Oct31/2013

Salary of William Strickland is less than $75,000

From the Vancouver Sun Public Salary database, we see that Strickland is not listed, which indicates he earns less than $75,000. His superiors are listed. Ms. Terry Lejko (pronounced Lay-co) makes $88,041. Her title is Director of Practice Coast/NS. This appears to be a raise from being a Community Service Manager (CSM) in 2009.

On the next rung of seniority, is Sheila Robinson, Executive Director of Provincial Practice, who earns $111,705. She stood in as the CSM at the time of the removal of the four children, and based on what Strickland told her of the circumstances, she concurred with the removal December 30th, 2009.

How could Strickland cause this much damage, costing BC millions of dollars?

Well, isn't that the multi-million dollar question of the day!

First off, this is the first lawsuit in Canada that fully examined, from start to finish, the entire life cycle of a typical child removal and return.

We say that this case is exactly how MOST child protection removals are handled.
  • The Judgment suggests collusion among various service providers.
  • Strickland fabricated evidence.
  • The police took the false information from him without independent verification. 
  • Police reports containing the same false information were used by child protection workers to support their decisions as if it originated from the police. 
  • Strickland created a circular evidence trail to disguise the fact he originated allegations.
  • MCFD lawyer Corrine Feenie's opinions were not questioned at the Provincial Court level.
  • The other social workers and service providers involved took the information that originated from Strickland and treated it as gospel truth and use it without reservation when playing their own role. 
  • When mom J.P. and her lawyer Jack Hittrich challenged MCFD, they all rallied behind one another to affirm authenticity of the wrong or false information originated by child protection workers.

Fire Strickland or not?

If Strickland is not fired, this is the BC Government sending the public a VERY clear message that there is no way in hell THEY or their minions will ever be held accountable. The message the lawsuit to the public is very clear. "Sure, sue us -- if you can afford it."

Strickland may well be fired. But, perhaps ONLY him. He did the most damage. If this happens, it merely appeases the short-term memory of the public clamoring for a head to substitute for accountability. What do you want to bet that nothing will change within MCFD that allowed such a low-level peon to cost the Province this much time and money?

Velvet Martin of Alberta, appalled at the depth of MCFD in this case and familiar with how little Ayn van Dyke was treated by this agency for several years, created a petition to ask that William Strickland be fired. Please sign it. If 200,000 people can sign a petition for a dog that gets kicked by some CEO of a company in just one week, this child protection nightmare that is but just the tip of an iceberg should deserve no less.

Several MLA politicians and journalists are also asking for the heads of those involved in reparation for the immense damage incurred.

Our recommendation - Fire Strickland AND take his house away!

This is what happened to mom J.P.! All her worldly possessions and savings she used to fight back and protect her kids. Now, she deserves it returned in spades.

Because Strickland was found guilty of misfeasance, meaning he did NOT execute his job functions in good faith, or abide by the CFCSA, did not make overlookable errors in judgment in the face of crisit, he is NOT protected by CFCSA immunity from liability.


  1. this is just the minimal scratch on the surface. How many other lives has he and his colleagues ruined? Firing him just isn't enough. in my opinion. these workers all across the country have ruined so many lives, for so many years.

  2. If the above is true, Mr. Strickland should be reported to the BC Association of Social Workers..... he is required to be registered in order to be able to practice as a certified social worker. His conduct was both unprofessional and unethical, and should not be tolerated.

    1. The BCASW is not the ones who register social workers, it is the college of social workers and they do not have to be registered.

  3. I am absolutely horrified that you have posted these photos of Mr Strickland and his family. His personal photos have nothing to do with a public case.

    1. I am surprised he hasnt been shot. How many other children and their families has this scum destroyed.

  4. Get a grip "Anonymous" 12:19 PM

    It seems Mr. Justice Walker is horrified Mr. William Strickland abused his position of a trusted government employee and wrongly took away four children from their mother for 18 months.

    The youngest child of mom J.P. is the same age as his own child, she was brutally molested by a pedophile father that Strickland wrote a letter of support for, to be used in court WHILE he was under investigation for sexually molesting his three youngest kids (a finding of fact by Mr. Justice Walker).

    If Strickland didn't want his photos to be seen by the general public, maybe he should not have posted them on a public site for public consumption!

  5. Yeah, I'm horrified that he gets to say that his kids are off bounds... But do what he did to JPs kids

  6. Anonymous - the root of your cause and advocation target are the very people affected by agencies such as child protection services. Your support or defence of public dangers such as William Strickland is the opposite of what society needs.

    Exposing lawbreakers and risks to society is where your grassroot advocation started. Showing faces and names are what your advocation is all about. Darren Wilson ring a bell? You may not know much about the corruption involved with all child protection services worldwide however regular people, and especially children, need your help much more than one government worker rightfully exposed by PAPA INBC, and everyone else posting his picture and crime.

    Annoymous - You should post his picture and crime. People of poverty are the most attacked and destroyed by child protection services and workers exactly like William Strickland. And there are thousands like him. Other contributing professionals (to corruption, harm, and death upon children and family's) are judges, lawyers, children's lawyers, children advocates, ministry representatives, mps, teachers, doctors, nurses, daycare workers, police, people reporting untruths to child protection services, etc. Get back on the right side anonymous.

  7. Disgusted by William StricklandThu Oct 01, 10:56:00 AM PDT

    If he didn't want his name to be tarnished, he should have not taken such a hostile approach to a mother and her kids, without looking at the facts from both sides.

    When the Ministry file was first opened, the Mother was deemed to be adequately protecting her children from harm, as the Father had been removed from the house on a domestic assault charge.

    When the sexual abuse disclosures emerged, the Mother was again deemed to be adequately protecting her kids from harm by not letting Dad see them.

    When "Anonymous" complaints about Mom came into the Ministry, despite the MCFD actually knowing that the complainants were the Father's mother and friends, there was still no immediate action taken. I supposed December schedules override child protection concerns?

    Then, in Middle-late December, the most horrific disclosures come out and the Mother calls after hours. She tells the Ministry all of the nasty nasty things the kids are talking about. She is completely distraught that her kids under the age of 7 are talking about "milk the cow" and "lollipops", when asked simply, does daddy ever touch you?

    This lengthy after-hours phone call is documented, printed, and placed on William Strickland's desk, or in-bin, for his review first thing in the morning.

    It was never recorded onto the electronic file, forever to be lost in the shuffle of the paper file.

    Long story short, the kids get taken from the Mother, put in "care", and the Father over the years is able to contact the social workers and take his children out like a dirty video from the adult store.

    William Strickland took the kids from the only parent that was protecting them from the abuse they suffered while in Ministry "care".
    William Strickland influenced the police investigation.
    William Strickland didn't bother to look at evidence that supported the Mother's explanations/accusations.
    William Strickland failed to properly conduct an independent risk assessment of the Father.
    William Strickland passed this file onto the Family Services Team, and told them everything was taken care of.

    The Family Services team testified, and basically said it was all wrapped up and that it was somewhat unusual that everything was taken care of prior to receiving the file. Often they have additional work to do.

    But, don't take my word for it. It has already gone through 2 trials. The first was 93 days, which was basically risk assessment that the MCFD should have done in 2010, and the second was the 148 day trial to figure out who was responsible for this unprecedented shit-show. To get a true read on how much I am disgusted by William Strickland, you have to read the judgements:

    2012 BCSC 938

    2015 BCSC 1216

    I am not taking sides on whether or not the pictures of his family should have been posted. I'm pleased that PAPA had the judgement to blur the faces of the innocent. But what kind of man, especially in the child protection world, would put a picture of his naked daughter on Facebook?

    -Done for now.

  8. I do not know this case, nor this social worker, but from first hand experience as a BC foster parent, I can categorically say that there is a significant minority of social workers who work for MCFD who absolutely do not consider the best interests of children. Some are driven by a very peculiar bias - in my experience a male social worker who was very active in an evangelical church was driven by some need to 'save' a bio mother, at any cost. This ultimately led to a defenceless child wrongfully being returned to a family of drug addicts, domestic violence perpetrators, criminals and dealers. Sadly, even though his superiors knew he had erred, the MCFD are bound by an unspoken deal to protect each other, rather than the children they are meant to be protecting.


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