Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MCFD sued by Sara-Jane Marie Wiens for the murder (oops, "accidental death", oh, wait, no, "UNDETERMINED" death) of her daughter Isabella

BC - MCFD here is about to be served with a lawsuit on behalf of a young mom whose child was removed by social worker and 25+ year veteran child remover Sarah Heath of the New Westminster MCFD office.

The child was (allegedly) murdered by as yet unknown foster home in New Westminster (the mom knows the name). Heads will roll if this Foster home continued operating after the death.

Lawsuit cash will flow if it turns out MCFD KNEW the operators, or other inappropriate Foster kids, or unchecked visitors of the home beat the child and ignored moms complaints, by moving the child just before they knew she would die. If the home contract was terminated, and MCFD sought to keep this quiet...

Really, there should be criminal charges of the Foster home operators that beat the child causing death. Maybe they smothered the child deliberately so THAT would be labelled as the cause of death instead of the true cause, beatings.

The magnitude of this cannot be understated. Numerous people paid by tax dollars conspired to keep an "embarrassing" death of a child quiet. Is the Foster home still operating? Who beat the child? Who knew, when? This case will demand a long overdue public inquiry. Millions will be paid out.  MCFD may settle this time, rather than go up against the very same legal office that thoroughly thrashed a couple dozen MCFD witnesses over 250+ days of trial and motions and endure another marathon trial. The public will want answers this time.

For the press to stay silent this time, as they largely did during the JP vs. MCFD Lawsuit will be a thorough embarrassment for their craft if they ignore this one. Mom reported having two interviews today. She wants MCFD held accountable. Exactly as is the case in the JP lawsuit. Parents are outraged at BC MCFD abuse of power.

Chris Heslinga is the lawyer handling this, and he works with Jack Hittrich from their Surrey office.

Jack completed a massively long 250+ day lawsuit against MCFD in December of 2014, and the ruling from Judge Paul Walker is pending.

The New Westminster MCFD office hid the coroners report from the mom for a year, and finally, when she got it, the lying bastards that told her her 2-year old died from SIDS. However, the excuse given by the last Foster home that social workers recently moved the child to, they told the coroner the cause of death was a comforter placed over the crib, and the child died by smothering.

There is a lot of coverup by a lot of people in this case. It's a crime to kill kids, so where is THAT criminal? It's a crime to knowingly expose children to harm. Who is the social worker that knew the Foster home was beating the kid, and once finding out, moved that child? Who approved the moves, and what were the reasons? When was the child taken to the doctor? We're the bruises and broken bones documented by social workers? How about log books kept by the Foster homes?

The Coroners report is a joke.
By declaring the death "undetermined", no investigation or recommendation is needed.

The mom was told by the New Westminster MCFD office that the child died of "SIDS".
First off, 21-month old toddlers who can walk (videos on SaraJean Marie Wiens public facebook page), DON'T die of SIDS. Anyways, some social worker lied. They kept the true cause of death a secret for a year before mom finally got ahold of the coroners report.

Smothered by a blanket is the next best cause of death, but the undoubtedly qualified coroner Adele Lambert, reporting to Bilal Waheed does not attribute the death to suffocation. Mr. Coroner points out a number of long-healed broken bones and bruises past and present. Didn't he correlate those bruises and such to medical report that the Ministry would be obligated to have in their possession and provide? What is the name of the person(s) in whos care the child died? Was there an in-person talk? Is there an audio file of the conversation?

After all, this is not a parent's child who died, this is a government, where the circumstances of death and standard of care leading up to that death would be under the highest level of scrutiny imaginable. In this light, the 3-page "report" is a joke. An insult.

The Ministry lied to the mom, the coroner provides an "undetermined" cause of death, there is no recommendations. How is the body disposed of? Casket? Adult or child box? Where buried? Cremated?

I'll tell you what MY recommendation would be:

Include the mom in the interview of the foster parent
Identify the foster parent by name, age, address, log books kept of the child care.
Reference all medical files
VIDEO record all players, the social workers, daycare, foster care people current and all prior
Examine all MCFD Intakes and files, emails, social worker notes, the works
Why was the child removed? Why is that not in the report?
What about the parents? Why are they not mentioned?
How often did the parents see the child?
Where are their concerns noted? Where is the progression of medical concerns, corresponding doctor reports and so on?
X-Rays and other scans
How about photos, where are they? Photos of foster children each month would clearly show any bruises.
Video the kids in care. If they are standing and walking one minute, this makes it harder for lying social workers to say the child was "developmentally disabled" and hint at other factors that draw attention away from a possibly abusive foster home with other crazy kids or unauthorized visitors with access to kids by saying the child's phantom debilitating condition was either the parents fault or a result of genetic deficiencies.

I want to know where the child is buried. Lets get someone else to examine the evidence.

MCFD is SOOO screwed. I hope that entire office is fired, because they are truly nasty.
Lawsuit, fraud, public inquiry, fired social workers, jailed Foster home operators, scrambling MCFD bureaucrats.

Oh, this will be so good!


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