Thursday, March 19, 2015

London ONTARIO March 2nd protest

ONTARIO - London rally against the greedy and reprehensible Childrens Aid Society.

protest video

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  1. Dave Fagon had two degrees and had worked in group homes for 15 years. He was a respected group home worker in the eyes of the other workers and society. He was a predator in the eyes of the group home kids. He started his social work career in around the year of 1998. He was charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT in 2012 after an incident in 2008 he was alleged to have fondled a female co - worker at a group home during the night shift. In 2013 he plead guilty to the lesser charge of assault. THAT is the "I Am Your Children's Aid" poster that Lillian Christine Sorko is holding during that rally.


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