Friday, September 13, 2013

DAVE FAGON, disgraced "night shift groper" wins probation.

File this "probation" of the infamous 40-year old Dave Fagon, Children's Aid group home worker in Sudbury Ontario under "WTF"

This guy gets not even a slap on the wrist, it's more like a feather. He must be having a pretty good laugh. 

OK, he was fired, and presumably to longer a social worker with CAS (he is now a "restaurant" worker), there is this very strange four year lapse by CAS in reporting the incident to police as a criminal matter. So, we learn CAS' first and immediate response is to hide the immediately reported incident, the fire him, wait four years, and hope that a delay in reporting when Dave is no longer a social worker should save them embarrassment. FAIL!!

Maybe the victim put pressure on her "employer" to properly report it, maybe CAS was putting pressure on her to NOT report it to the police. Who knows, clearly she was not interviewed by the reporter.

Is there any doubt he is being protected? After all, throwing him in jail as a deterrent might dissuade other potential hard working maggot gropers from wanting to work for wonderful CAS. Jeez.

Anyone who has worked in the social work business and has a couple of degrees, but with a psychological defect, would know precisely who to target to get his perverse needs met and get away with it for so long.

There are estimates that for every pedophile that gets a caught, they have already abused 125 others.

Is Dave Fagon one of these people? Dave, when you google your own name, find this post, can you be so good as to give us the REAL scoop. Ok? Thanks.