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001 - Welcome to PAPA's Blog

PAPA, Parents Assisting Parents Association, is a civilian run non-profit organization formed under the Society Act on July 23, 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.  Exclusively funded by free will donors, PAPA is not affiliated with any ethnic community, religious group or political party.

Despite our name is PAPA, we are not a father's right group. We serve distressed parents of either gender that have experienced the removal of their children by the Ministry of Children and Family Services (MCFD).

Our Mission
We strive to protect the best interests of children by preserving their families and restoring healthy parenting ability. We safeguard the rights and dignity of parents in child protection activities.

Our Beliefs
Parents have the God-given right and responsibility to care for and bring up their children in a manner which is culturally and socially acceptable to their own values within the boundary of Canadian laws.
  • Family is the best environment to nourish children. Preservation of family is important to maintain a healthy social structure vital to child upbringing, national security and continuation of civilization.
  • Custodial right of one's natural offsprings is a fundamental human right and should be enshrined constitutionally.
  • Government must treat parents and children with respect and dignity in carrying out its child protection mandate.
  • State intervention in family affairs should be avoided except in extreme circumstances. Should interventions become necessary, they must be least intrusive and serve the best interests of both children and their parents.

Message from our President
PAPA was formed by a group of citizens concerned about the "child protection" activities conducted by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Families under the scrutiny of the Ministry sometimes end up worse off. Children under the “care” of the Ministry are not receiving the standard of care expected by society and their parents. Some are abused, neglected or even murdered when they are in “care”. Almost all removed children suffer irreparable mental harm from the enforced removal from their parents. Parents are under duress. Some are forced to live apart or to divorce to get their children back.

There are ample evidence suggesting that "child protection" social workers are given too much statutory power. This opens the "child protection" system to abuse and corruption. Abuse of authority includes blackmailing parents to admit the perceived guilt in court, forcing parents to live separately or to divorce to punish those who dare to oppose social workers, fabricating evidence to justify child removal, repeatedly remove children to seek relitigation of settled matters. These are made possible by the near-absolute authority to removal children at will without fear of any civil or criminal consequence. Failure of the judiciary to provide adequate check and balance further intensifies the problem.

In addition to the foregoing, social workers frequently contradict provisions of the Child, Family & Community Service Act, such as failing to place removed children to the next of kin as a preferred placement, failing to respect their linguistic and religious rights, failing to seek children’s views in forming their so-called “plan of care”... etc. These are just a few infringements that I have witnessed.

State-sponsored child removal and the subsequent adoption process is a lucrative industry. According to the government’s 2001 statistics, it cost taxpayers $65,000 per child each year on program delivery alone. If inflation and other related costs such as police costs, legal and court expenses are included, it costs society a lot more now. The deep pocket of taxpayers attracts certain special interest groups, the true beneficiaries of our “child protection” apparatus, to prey on the system. This explains why "child protection" cases drag on for years as these special interest groups milk the system.

Child protection law is not supposed to be penal in nature. Genuine child protection seldom requires such absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Social workers are not trained to enforce law. But they are given more power than the police in law enforcement. There is no disciplinary provisions to deter any unbefitting behavior. Parents are bickered by a fault-finding attitude that does not serve their children and families well.

Child protection is a noble cause. We support all genuine child protection effort. However, lack of accountability and abuse of power ironically render the Ministry’s child protection effort counterproductive and inefficient. We present an inconvenient truth that no responsible government and no individual with a conscience could ignore. This problem not only pertains to Canada, but also to many English-speaking nations that have similar child protection law. You can find articles and links to web sites in other countries that speak to this effect.

We are touched by the extent of sufferings of removed children and their distressed parents. State-sponsored child removal amounts to enforced disappearance of people. This is an unacceptable legalized crime against humanity. Such trauma and atrocities should never be allowed in a civilized society. Families are the backbone of a nation. We are committed to help these families to walk through their ministry-created crisis and to restore their parenting ability. Exclusively funded by donations, our endeavor is challenging. We could not do this without your support. We welcome your inquiries, comments and participation.

If you have no experience with child-protection social workers before, you will find some information in our site unbelievable. Your awareness and support are very important to rectify this serious socio-political problem. Most Canadians are not aware of or, worse, have chosen to ignore this problem. Despite whether or not you have children, this problem is affecting everyone. You will find answers to many questions you may have in our FAQ section. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you had received intervention from the Ministry, you probably will echo many of our concerns. If your children are still under 19 years of age, we understand your fear of reprisal. Nevertheless, we encourage you to come forward and join us. Your testimony will not be made public until your consent is given. Your experience is important to garner support for our cause and to help those who are now being oppressed. Remaining silent will only encourage more abuse of power.

Finally, I ask that you spread our message to people you know and to your community. Public awareness is one of our keys to success.

Thank you for reading.


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